ASHA Website Review

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The ASHA Seal of Approval is awarded to websites that, after careful review, 
are found to:

1) contain quality information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs); and
2) promote Positive Messaging around Sexual Health (PMSH).

ASHA WebsealBeyond accuracy of content, each website that earns the ASHA seal is thoroughly examined to ensure that no stigmatizing language or imagery around STIs is used. Additionally, approved sites carry a component of psychosocial support, along with referrals to sexual health resources that are widely recognized as authoritative and appropriate.

The fee for website evaluation is $1,500 (half of which is due in advance). Upon execution of a business agreement, formal website evaluation reports are returned to clients within ten business days. Clients then have 30 days to make any necessary alterations to insure compliance with ASHA's core criteria.

Upon request prior to entering into a business agreement, ASHA staff will conduct a brief, no obligation review of a website to determine if there are likely to be major issues that require attention before the seal of approval is issued. For more information on obtaining the ASHA seal of approval for your website, please contact us.

Specific criteria by which websites are evaluated include:

Quality of Information


Technical Issues