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Organizations don’t get to be around for almost 100 years by doing a bad job. ASHA and our achievements are recognized by some of the world’s largest companies and governmental agencies as well as small companies and local governments, and many in between. ASHA is the only non-governmental organization dedicated to the prevention and control of sexually transmitted disease through information and support services, research, and public policy activities.

At ASHA, we strive to obtain client-centered solutions for all our customers and funders. Our goal is to build strong relationships and clearly understand the needs of those who we serve so we can fully apply our technical expertise and extensive capabilities in order to provide well balance and suitable services. ASHA offers a full range of services outlined on our What We Do page.

ASHA has extensive experience in providing telephone health information services and other health information programs to the general public and to health care providers. In particular, ASHA has unparalleled experience in operating contact centers, including the CDC National STD and AIDS Hotlines, CDC National Immunization Information Hotline, the North Carolina Family Health Resource Line, the National HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention Hotline, and the National Herpes Hotline. Our client list includes:

ASHA is well positioned to serve customers and meet the needs of any organization requiring assistance in handling health communications inquiries and response, information and referral services, clinical trial support, research and evaluation, technical assiatance and consulting, or other needs.

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