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ASHA Remembers Lives Lost on MH17

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You Be The Influence

All of us at ASHA wish to express our deep sadness over the 298 lives lost on board the Malaysian Airways flight that was downed in Ukraine. A number of those on the flight were our colleagues (including pioneering HIV therapy researcher Dr. Joep Lange of Amsterdam) en route to the International AIDS Conference taking place in Melbourne, Australia, and the blow dealt to the HIV/AIDS research community makes our sorrow all the more profound. We can only imagine the pain of their loved ones, but we take some comfort in knowing the excellent work of our dear colleagues will reverberate for generations.

The battle against HIV/AIDS is fought on many fronts: scientific, political, and social. Our lost comrades taught us that eradicating HIV is as much an issue of social justice as it is of biomedical research. We will never forget their dedication to global health, nor their devotion to the public they felt so fortunate to serve.

Creating a Sexually Healthy Nation

What does a sexually healthy nation look like? In this new video produced as part of our centennial celebration, a range of individuals, from experts in the field to people on the street, try to answer that question, exploring how our views toward sex and sexuality have changed over the past century.

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