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The Six Pillars of Sexual Health

Sep 24, 2012 | Sexual Health | Comments (0)

Sexual Health. Two words that conjure up images of a gym teacher in front of a blackboard, rows of foil wrapped condoms, and PSAs about preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Are all of those visions included in the world of sexual health? Sure. But there’s a lot more to it; I’ve spent my life (or at least the majority of it) getting people to not only broaden their definition of sexual health, but to understand that sexual health is part of their overall health. It’s hard to have one without the other. So why do this again now? It’s not as if we haven’t heard this before.

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Connections: Sexual Health, Society, and HIV

Sep 20, 2012 | HIV |Sexual Health |STDs/STIs | Comments (0)

The XIX International AIDS conference was recently held in Washington, D.C. It had been 22 years since the International AIDS conference was held in the United States (mainly due to the unwillingness on the part of the United States to grant visas for HIV-infected individuals–only recently lifted).

Here 25,000 scientists, policy makers, health and education ministry officials, advocates, and activists from around the world were gathered with a renewed determination to stem the tide of this epidemic.  Medical advances, improved access to care, prevention initiatives, and revived determination were all good signs, but as a global culture we will need to shift our perspective to stop the spread of HIV.

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An Opportunity for Youth to Take Charge of their Sexual Health

Sep 17, 2012 | Sexual Health | Comments (0)
Adolescents and sexual health are words not often said together unless it’s referring to negative news like teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease (STD) rates.  And while some negative news may be true, it does not give us the full story of adolescent sexual health.  There are many youth who lead sexually responsible lives.  These youth have been empowered to be abstinent; practice safer sex; communicate with their parents and their partner; and/or get tested for STDs.  How can we combine the negative and positive messages to encourage youth to take control of their sexual health?  Here’s one example: school-based STD screening.

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Defining sexual health

Sep 13, 2012 | Sexual Health | Comments (0)
The phrase “sexual health” encompasses a range of public health and clinical issues related to prevention of sexually transmitted infections. I use the phrase a lot in my own work and its widening currency is a welcome new paradigm in our field. In fact, the concept of sexual health seems to me of fundamental relevance to all aspects of prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

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Putting Sex into STD Prevention

Sep 10, 2012 | Sexual Health |STDs/STIs | Comments (0)

One evening, during the week of the 2001 ISSTDR meeting in Berlin, I met with a couple of colleagues for beers after the day’s proceedings. We lamented the fact that the focus of these types of conferences was always on disease and that a broader sexuality frame work was missing. “It is time to put sex into STD prevention”, one of my colleagues said.  The comment was a bit wistful at the time and I don’t think any of us could have foreseen that a decade later our field is expressing so much more interest in sexuality and sexual health.

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