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Cervical Health Awareness Month 2013

Dec 31, 2012 | General | Comments (0)

Cervical Health Awareness Month is observed in January of each year. Formerly known as Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, the name was updated a few years ago to recognize women diagnosed with non-cancerous cervical diseases that still require follow-up and, in some cases, treatment.

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World AIDS Day: An Open Letter About My HIV Status to My Future Grown-Up Son

Dec 5, 2012 | HIV | Comments (0)

This post was originally published in the Altarum Health Policy Forum

To my beautiful son –

It’s hard to know how to start this letter, but I find myself needing to write to you on this World AIDS Day about my having HIV. Right now in 2012, you are only 3 years old and much too young to understand what it means for your mom to be living with HIV . . .

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World AIDS Day 2012

Nov 30, 2012 | HIV |Sexual Health | Comments (0)
World AIDS Day is recognized each year on December 1st and the theme for 2012 is Working Together for an AIDS-Free Generation. “Aids-Free” is ambitious, sure, but an epidemic like this one can’t be conquered with a meek response.

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What it W.A.S.: ASHA joins the World Association for Sexual Health

Nov 23, 2012 | Sexual Health |General | Comments (0)

ASHA is pleased to be the newest member of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS), an international outfit that focuses on the promotion of sexual health across the lifespan.

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Making the Grade: Campuses Ranked for Sexual Health

Nov 21, 2012 | Sexual Health | Comments (1)

With the start of college football’s bowl season just weeks away, teams are vying for bids to plum bowl games and fans are watching the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) standings to see which schools will play for championships and gridiron immortality. (I’m thinking Kansas State and Oregon will play for the title in January, though Alabama would beat either by double digits. Just sayin’).

Given the revelry surrounding road trips to bowl games (Bourbon Street for the Sugar Bowl, anyone?) it seems fitting that the makers of Trojan® condoms recently released the 7th annual Trojan® Sexual Health Report Card.

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