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 Post subject: Is she a cheater?
PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 6:24 pm 

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Ok I was with my last g/f for about 2 and a half years. I broke it off with her in Oct. 2006 because I assumed she cheated on me. I first noticed what might be a wart in aug of 2006. I immediately went scouring the net to find pix and descriptions of genital warts, but what I found didn't look anything like what I had. Honestly i wanted to believe that it was not genital warts. I refused to accept it.

So time passed. Then I was futher convinced when more came and one did resemble one that i had seen in my pic search. So i did go to the docs, confirmed it, and broke up with her. She swears to me that she never cheated on me.. I know that I have been completely faithful.

Was I wrong in my assumption?

If that one wart that i noticed in aug of 2006 was the begining of the outbreak (the only one i have ever had) and we were together for 2 years before that and she didn't cheat on me (maybe she had it before i met her?) wouldn't I have seen the symptoms sooner?

And before her, I was with my previous ex for a lil over 3 years and experienced NO symptoms what so ever. Can I take this as proof that I was not the carrier?

The whole time I have been with my recent ex I have never seen ANY symptoms on her, but I have heard of microscopic warts. I believe this to be her case. What makes me question if she cheated on me or not, is that I was once told by a mutual friend of ours that her last boyfriend also suspected her of cheating on him and that he accused her of giving him genital warts. That's why they broke up. I asked her about it but she completely denied it.

I also don't know what to believe because she has already prooven to me that she can lie to me. i just never thought she would cheat on me and it's something that i could never forgive her for.

So.. aside from the questions above, is it possible that she possibly went through some dormant stage and i didn't get infected till a later outbreak?

Or is it conclusive that, considering im a diabetic with a lowered immune system, if there was any hvp infected areas i came in contact with, would have(because of my lowered immune system)instantly been contracted and the symptoms begin?

Thx in advance

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 9:32 am 
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Much of the literature says while the average “latency” period of the virus is often thought to be anywhere from one to eight months, it can actually vary widely.

Exactly “how” widely? It’s difficult to say with certainty, but experts typically agree it may take years after exposure before lesions associated with HPV (that is, warts or cell changes) are detected clinically.

This is because HPV can actually exist in deeper skin cells in very small numbers without causing disease, such as warts, that is easily detected clinically. This may go on for an indefinite number of years. It’s difficult for researchers to pin down exactly why some will experience lesions that are diagnosed while others do not, but co-factors could involve smoking, pregnancy, stress, diet, or a host of other things that can affect the immune system.

We understand it’s frustrating that no one can offer a definitive response to your individual circumstances. If there was no reason to suspect infidelity prior to the HPV diagnosis, it’s difficult to look at this diagnosis, taken by itself, as an indication that anyone has been unfaithful. The “who” and “when” questions, however, may never truly be answered.

Hope this helps.


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