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PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 11:42 pm 

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No problem. :) I apologize for flying off the handle initially. Sorry.

That's awesome that you're educating yourself! After my last breakdown dealing with this, my best friend started to look it up herself. Trying to find ways to reassure me, and educate herself in the process. Even some of the ladies I work with have become more aware of it due to my diagnoses. I just wish I knew more about it prior. I remember sex ed in high school. The genital warts picture stood out in my mind due to how it looked. Plus, they show you those extreme pictures like you find online. Anyway, never during that time did I ever remember them mentioning HPV. Even after high school, I don't remember hearing about it. I think they need to be more clear on what warts can look like (it can be so varied). All I was ever looking for was those horrible things they flashed up on the screen. lol! Then the whole thing with some types possibly causing cervical cancer! Don't remember that, either in sex ed.

The most popular one that's ever been discussed media wise is HIV, of course. Never heard of much else. It wasn't until I started seeing the commercials for the vaccine that I even first heard the words. Not too long after that, I was diagnosed. I had remembered those commercials. It was actually a surreal moment for me. For my mom, too, as she brought up those very commercials as well. :) I'm even pushing her to go get her pap now. I just found out the other day it's been a good three years since she last had one. :evil: She's finally going to the dr tomorrow (for her blood pressure). I told her she better be sure she mentions to them about getting a pap done asap! If my experience can help out even one of my friends and/or family member, I'll be happy.

I'm sure you've already seen it, but if you haven't, I like this site's section on it. Lots of good info:

wiggleworm wrote:
I don't want to fight either. I realize that I have no place to judge you, since I have not walked in your shoes. I have never had an irregular pap, and my GYN has never mentioned HPV. I came to this board because I have had several friends who have recently been treated for dysplasia, and one with cervical cancer. A few of my friends were treated for warts in college, and as far as I know they never had any reoccurances in the past 10 years. I remembering them feeling really "dirty" when it happened, but I see that it's a pretty common thing.

I came to this board to learn more about HPV since it seems to be something that a lot of my friends are dealing with. After reading all the info/posts, I can only assume that I prob have/had it too at some point too. (even though it has never showed up).

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 12:10 am 

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I remember looking at pictures of warts in sex ed, and they where the most disgusting things ever, covering the entire genital area with nasty califlower growths. My friend who had one said it was so small, that she didn't even know she had it. Her GYN found it. Until a few years ago, I though that HPV was just a wart virus.

So many people don't know how common it is, and still think of it as a "dirty" thing. I actually have an (ex) male friend who openly judged my friends for having HPV (dysplasia), and he sleeps most any girl who is willing, and doesn't use protection. To make matters worse, he's a Doctor!! I'm sure he is probably the carrier of many strains that he shares with many females. I've become hyper-sensitive about people making any kind of moral judgements on HPV!

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 8:37 am 
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I think this points to one of the most overlooked aspects of HPV, dealing with the emotional impact.

It might seem odd at first glance that someone is more concerned with "low risk" HPV and warts but I remember back when I took calls on the old HPV Hotline (how I miss that service...), I would regularly talk with women diagnosed with "high risk" HPV who were very concerned they might develop warts, so I think this is not an uncommon reaction. I believe it stems from the (unfortunate and unfair) stigma attached to STIs and that warts are visible reminders of the diagnosis, while cervical cell changes aren't as apparent.

This is a good reminder to me to remember the medical diagnosis is only part of the tale with HPV; there's a personal side that needs to be addressed, too.


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