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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 3:02 pm 

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about a month ago i was diagnosed with low risk hpv due to a breakout of genital warts. i told my boyfriend about it and he has been very supportive, which has helped tremendously. i had the warts treated during my visit with TCA. it was very painful and i was very sore and sensitive for weeks. i'm just now starting to feel better. a few days ago i noticed another outbreak. initially, the first outbreak went away in a matter of 2-3 days. like i said, they have since returned, and spread, which i heard is common. i am dreading having another treatment done, because the warts have now spread to a more invasive area. can teh TCA be used on the inside of the vagina? another question: my boyfriend and i have had intercourse since my first treatment. can this cause aggravation to the warts, causing them to spread? i am so frustrated because my relationship is important to me and i don't know when it is ok to re-engage in sexual activity. also, with the TCA, it made intercourse too painful and left me bleeding a bit. it's been nearly a month and i finally feel back to normal in that area. i ahve also heard that tea tree oil has been successful for many people with genital warts, so i have been using that for the past week. it has helped a little.

my main concerns are these:

-do i have to refrain from sexual activity while the warts are present? if i don't, will that just continue the reacurrances? will using a condom help to prevent the spreading?

-i know the success of treatments varies from case to case, but would a cream be a better way to go, or do you suggest getting as many more treatments of the TCA, since that seems to be the most effective, from what i've heard?

i feel like a nervous wreck, and i really need any advice, support any one can give. i do not want my intimate relationship to suffer from this. since there is so little evidence as to what caused breakouts in certain people, and not others, and there really is no perfect treatment to eliminate the warts and their possible return, i feel as though i am lost.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 3:31 pm 
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As is the case with external (vulvar) warts, vaginal warts may be treated with cryotherapy (freezing) or TCA.

Couples who share HPV are not thought to be likely to ping-pong the virus back and forth in a cycle of reinfection - we're not aware of any data that indicate couples who share HPV and continue to have sex are more likely to have recurrences. Some studies suggest that condom use might help clear both the virus and associated lesions a bit more quickly, so this is an option to consider if you're sexually active whle warts are present. Ask your doctor what to do, and see if he or she is comfortable with you having sex with warts present.

Read a previous discussion about treatment options at No one approach is best for every case, and it's not uncommon for TCA to be repeated. Here too, ask your doctor what is indicated if you have more warts. Treatment is based on factors such as size, location, number, and distribution of warts.

Warts do recur in some cases, and this is not uncommon. When they do recur, they show varying degrees of persistence. Some people may experience only one episode, while others may experience several. However, most people's immune systems, with time, seem to gain control over HPV, making recurrences less frequent and usually eliminating them eventually.

I'm sorry this has been so difficult for you. We understand that the emotional impact of HPV can be greater than the physical discomfort the virus may cause. Experiencing feelings of fear and confusion are natural; however, these feelings can be managed and overcome. You have taken an important step by educating yourself. Please keep in mind that we speak to couples each day for whom HPV has become nothing more than a minor inconvenience in their relationship.

I hope this helps, and that you'll post again soon.

All the best,

ASHA Moderator

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 3:35 pm 

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thank you. this forum has by far been the best i've visited.

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