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 Post subject: High Risk HPV and HSV-1
PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:22 pm 

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How scary is all this.....

After going into the GYN for an annual PAP they called me and tell me it is dirty and I needed to come back in so they could take a look (have never had a dirty pap in all these years and after 3 kids)... So my GYN discovers two lesions. He does a biopsy and calls to tell me I have CIN II/I lesions. When I go in and have the lesions removed he asks if I would like a full STD panel.

I decide I want the panel just to be sure and discover I have a HSV (IGM) result of 1.54 and an HSV - 1 (IGG) result of 3.82 and HSV - 2 no number (thank god). Also they discover more CIN II on the oppisite side of my cervix ( GYN is a family friend and he was being cautious so he took another biopsy when he removed the first two lesions). One of the lesions is CIN II with condyloma and extension to the endocervial margin.

My husband also got tested due to these facts and his result are as follows:


HSV (IGG) no number for I or II

Please explain to me what all this means and what protection should we use so I do not give it to him. Also I have never had a BO (no sores, cold sores and never any of those google pictures). Do I need to worry about giving it to my children. I am lost please help. I also posted on the Herpes board.

Thanks in advance

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 2:02 am 

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Hi Megan, if you have been to the Herpes board, you will find a sticky regarding IGM tests. In a nutshell, IGM tests are not reliable and those numbers should be ignored. As to your IGG tests, I would recommend posting your numbers on the Herpes board so that Betsy can look them over. When I did a herpes test, I received a number that indicated that I did not have Herpes 2 so I'm not familiar with what test has no number. Betsy has indicated that only a small percentage of individuals with HSV orally ever exhibit a cold sore but it's very common in adults. I would ask Betsy about your HSV1 positive number and the fact that your husband's HSV1 test did not have a number. If he is currently negative, then there is a risk of passing HSV1 genitally to him through oral sex (you performing oral sex on him), but do ask Betsy about that because she truly is the expert on HSV.

As to your HPV, the only precaution is to not have your husband perform oral sex on you while you have active lesions. Although rare, there have been some head and neck cancers associated with high risk HPV. You cannot ping pong the virus back and forth so whatever strain(s) you have, he already has, so no need to worry about vaginal sex.

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