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PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2009 1:22 pm 

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I was Diagnosed with high risk HPV 4 months ago and I have been depressed since then.

I am over 40 and I just did the pap and HPV test again two weeks ago.

First I found that clinics and some OB Gyn are very ignorant about HPV. I had to INSIST to do the test again and actually fight with staff and labs to make that happen. Since my pap was normal they did not want to do the HPV!

This time my HPV came out "not detected".

I had no sex other than with clean hands since I found out I had the high risk HPV. I have been in a monogamous relationship for 2 years. In the meanwhile I managed to get married with my man and have not consummated the marriage (other than with hands-if you know what I mean).:shock:

I am so paranoid and scared. Am I cured?

Can I have sex now?

Sex becomes so unimportant when compared to the risk of dying of cervical cancer. I know I am taking it to the extreme, but maybe abstaining from sex cleared my HPV, so it was worth it.

Since we are supposedly both infected and the risk of ping-ponging back and forth is LOW (not inexistent), does it mean that if I have sex with MY HUSBAND now he will re-infect me?

Do I have immunity now?

Will the HPV keep coming back, because it's something I'll have for life ?

I read the board, I spoke to doctors, everybody says something different, so I think I am an expert by now. Let me prove it:


*Congrats! I cleared the virus. It is still in me though so it could come back anytime. Don't be all that happy, but don't stress either. If it comes back, chances are 90% that you'll clear it again.

*I am in a monogamous relationship with someone who is supposedly infected as well. The risk of re-transmission is LOW (not NULL).

*We don't really know much, so if I feel more comfortable, use a condom--- oh by the way, I should also invent a condom that covers the balls because they can transmit the HPV (we always forget to tell you that-darn).

* Don't do unprotected oral sex if you are uncomfortable because it could also re-infect you.

*it's all about your comfort level. Chances are low right now that you'll die of cervical cancer in the next year, so go ahead, enjoy life, smoke a cigar, we don't really know much anyway but we do know that you'll die of worry if you keep going this way! :roll:

Did I get it right? If so Fredo can offer me a job now. Let me know please.

PostPosted: Mon May 11, 2009 7:12 pm 

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Dear gimmehope,

I can really relate to you. I was diagnosed at the end of Dec. 2008 after learning that my husband cheated on me. The first doctor that I went to did not give my tell me of my results until sometime in January. A receptionist or nurse told me over the phone that my tests results were negative. My husband and I decided that we were going to get back together. We slept together a few times in Jan. 2009 and a few times in Feb. 2009. The last time I slept with him was Feb. 14, 2009. Feb. 19, 2009, a letter from the doctor office came in the mail stating that I was HPV positive and that I needed another pap smear in 4 to 6 months. In Feb. 2009 is when I found out that the woman that my husband slept with was diagonsed with HPV.

The HPV test never told me what strain that I have. I did not like the first doctor's conduct, so I went to a second doctor. He did not want to re-do pap smear/HPV until I cleared the BV. This went unitl in the last weeks in Feb. 2009 and all of March. At the end of April. 2009, I went to an internist. This was April 28, 2009. I told her to take every culture from every area to see if I was infected with anal, and throat cancer strain. I wanted to know if I had the wart or cervical kind of strain as far as the vagina goes. I wanted every std test ran on me again. On may 7, 2009 the doctor internist said that all my tests results came back negative. I know that I saw in my charts the word DNA-negative, negative, negative, and negative etc.

The scary thing about this is now I do not know what strain I have laying dormat in my body. Is it the wart kind or cancer kind.

Let me tell you what I did do when I found out that I had this HPV. I took every immune system booster product, and I also took a product that is supposed to fight HPV. I must have started taking all this stuff some time in March. I went vegatrain. I have not had sex like I said since Feb. 14, 2009. I am very confused because this is what I learn from my research is that older woman like in their 40s do not clear the infection that easily, so how did we do it in just three to 4 months, or did we have this for years and by the time we got tested our bodies were clearing the infection.

Also from my research the condom is only gives you about 70% protection. HPV is caught through skin to skin contact not fluid contact. Once you and your partner have the same strain, the two of you do not pass it back and forth because you and he are immune to that strain. If one of you get with a new partner, you can pick up more strains from an infected partner with new strains. I also learned that if your body gets run down-low immune system -really stress out then the strain that you have came reappear again. This where it gets confusing I guess you start having the infections again from that strain. Whether we have this virus, the experts are slipt. Some say women can eradict the virus completly, and some say that it lays dormant in your system forever. Your test says HPV not detected, and my said negative. I am just as confused as you.

I also learned that a woman who has been infected with HPV is now more subspectiable to catching HIV/AIDS and any other stds more easily. I also because there isn't really a test to detect HPV in men. I could get with someone knew who has a different strain that I already have and give me knew strains.

I am afraid to have sex now. I do not want to have it ever. I do not want a kiss in the mouth. I feel that I will always live with an uneasiness about HPV. When will it show up again in my life. I can so relate to you. Now, everytime I get a pap smear, and HPV test will it come back positive. We can talk anytime you want. Take care.


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PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2009 12:13 pm 
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Did I get it right? If so Fredo can offer me a job now. Let me know please.

Yes, my goodness, let me sign you up right now!

Let me add just this: You're probably being a little too hard on yourself if the only reason you don't want to have intercourse with your husband is because of concerns about cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is a rare outcome of high-risk HPV infection and when it happens, almost always occurs in women who either never have Pap tests (either alone or in combo with an HPV test), or have gone many years without one.

So the real link in the HPV-to-cervical cancer-chain is the part about not having the recommended ob-gyn exams. You sound like you have that covered, and then some!

Keep posting and keep in touch. Your husband sounds as if he's very supportive...


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