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 Post subject: Molluscum Contagiosum
PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2008 1:15 pm 

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Last September 07 I noticed a 5mmX5mm raised fleshy lesion on my glans penis. It was not painful at all. I visited a doctor and he said it he did not what it was. He was fairly certain it was not herpes. He tested me for all STD's except for herpes. He told me to return in 3 weeks. A few days later, I visited a Urologist who said that the lesion was a cyst and not to worry. At this point, one could actually pinch the lesion without difficulty. That night I became desperate and squeezed the lesion very hard and expressed thick, bloody fluid from the center. A friend of mine who works in a lab gave me two different culture swabs-one for bacteria and one for viral. The cultures were taken but not sent to the lab. The next day I visited a dermatologist who said that he did not know for certain what the lesion was because it had been physically altered as a result of squeezing. He finally decided it was molluscum based on the appearance. He then recommended liquid nitrogen treatment. The lesion was treated. i returned the following week and he decided to treat it one more time. Approximately 3 weeks later the lesion was healed. I was left with a small hypopigmented scar which I am not happy about. With respect to the cultures, both were negative for bacteria or herpes, although the specimens were not turned in to the lab until 5 days after they were taken. So I do not know how valid the negative herpes result is.

Last week I noticed another lesion located on the lower half of my scrotum, right where the lining of one's underwear lies. The lesion was located essentially at the junction of scrotal and groin skin. The lesion was very hard to touch and looked like a skin-tag. I decided to squeeze it and a large amount of bloody fluid escaped, leaving behind an open wound. I was concerned and visited a doctor who said that it was most likely folliculitis. I told him to please test me for all STD's and he took blood. The results should be available next week and I am very anxious. I am hoping that it is not herpes.

I would appreciate any opinions as to what I might have. I always have protected sex with condoms. I have sex with a girlfriend of mine about once every 2 months. She also gives me unprotected oral sex and have never noticed any cold sores on or around her lips. I have also visited asian massage parlors in the past and have had massages to my genitals. Any comments would be very much appreciated as I am very anxious.

PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2008 7:30 am 
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Hi Horriblelife, (I hope it's not that bad!)

It sounds like you're pretty nervous about this. I'll try to be as helpful as I can, okay.

If several doctors have looked at you and each have given you a different diagnosis (or a non-diagnosis), I'm not sure any of us can bring you much closer to really knowing what's going on with you. Each of the doctor's diagnosis are plausible but your best answer will come from an antibody test for herpes as it can confirm or deny that diagnosis pretty easily.

If the herpes test is negative, it can give the doctor some direction to look at other reasons for the lesions. Here is some information about molluscum that may be helpful as well:

symptoms of molluscum are lesions that can be found on the thighs, buttocks, groin and lower abdomen of adults, but may occasionally appear on the external genital and anal region.

The lesions may begin as small bumps that can develop over a period of several weeks into larger sores/bumps.

The lesions can be flesh colored, gray-white, yellow or pink.

They can cause itching or tenderness in the area, but in most cases the lesions cause few problems.

Lesions may recur, but it is not clear whether this is due to reinfection, exacerbation of subclinical infection, or reactivation of latent infection.

I know you're going to another doctor this week so I hope he/she can tell you what's really happening. I'll be here if you have other questions.


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