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 Post subject: worried - need advice
PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2008 10:02 pm 

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Hi, I apologize in advance for the novel...

About 2 weeks ago I fooled around with a guy that I've know for many years. However, I do not know all of his sexual history.

Details - he performed oral sex on me. also, there was a lot of penis/vagina contact, no major penetration, but the tip of his penis went in for a nano-second.

5 days after this, my vagina started to itch. I got out the mirror and noticed a few tiny red bumps on the inside of my vagina. I freaked out of course, and made a doctors appt for the next day. I thought that it might be herpes because I frequently get cold sores on my lips. I remembered that I had a cold sore a few days before the incident and that one popped up on my lip the day after that. I though for sure I contracted herpes down below due to kissing and then him performing oral sex.

On day 6 I saw the doc and he told me that I couldn't give herpes to myself. He said that the tiny red bumps that I saw looked like a scrape. He said there was some redness, but that it was probably due to skin irritation during the incident. He took a herpes culture just to be safe.

I tried not to think about it over the next few days (yea right). Over days 7-10 I noticed the itchiness increase and over days 11-14 it began to decrease. On day 8 I got my period, so I wasn't able to view that area very clearly.

On day 14 my doc called and said that the herpes culture came back negative.

Today is day 15 and I have very minimal itching. I looked at my vagina again today with the mirror, and I noticed that some redness on my clitoris and what looks like dry skin on the skin between my vagina and left leg/butt region. I scratched the dry skin patch and it began to bleed (not a lot, just a dot of blood). I also noticed some sticky white discharge.

My questions... should I be worried about any other STD/STI other than herpes? Can I contract anything from the penis/vagina contact and nano-second of insertion? If yes, what? And what tests should I ask my doctor to do? I am one of those people that get incredibly nervous at the doctor and forget to tell all details and forget to ask questions, so having a list would be very helpful.

I am very worried. Thanks for any help you can provide. It is much appreciated!

PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2008 7:43 am 
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Hey Worrygirl,

Your doctor is correct about the transmission of HSV-1 from your mouth to your genital area. If you already have it, it's not likely you'll become reinfected in another area.

However, another possible scenario is that your partner may have given you HSV-2, even by the minimal contact you decribed. Very often cultures come back negative because the sore has healed to the point where it's difficult to get a good specimen.

How are you doing with this today? Is it starting to subside? There are a few options to get closer to a good diagnosis: You can get a good HSV antibody test if you wait 12 weeks from the time this happened.

Also, if this doesn't go away soon, you may also want to ask your doctor about the possibility of a yeast infection, BV or even HPV.

One last thing, could this also be that you've gotten yourself so worried that you're looking at the area quite a bit and overthinking this? We all tend to do that from time to time. :D

I hope this helps!

ASHA Moderator

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