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PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, 2008 11:33 am 

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Okay, Here is my ?. Are these pretty much the same thing? See I just had my second daughter here a lil over 3 weeks ago and after coming home I found little fleshy color bumps on my private about 5. no pain and tiny, had no idea they would of ever been there if I didnt feel a bump when wiping.
See I went to the doctors last tuesday and the doctor cut one off to send away to the lab, of course I had already been thinking the worst, and when I asked her the ? that I really didnt want to know the answer but couldnt leave without knowing, I really wasnt ready for the answer, she said that she believes its either molluscum or hpv. Of course I barely know anything about either. She told me not to freak out and depress myself that alot of people are in my boat and that its very known and common std. But of course I did what ever single soul I'm sure has done, freaked out, cried the drive home and got online and looked up every single site that could possible show me its not going to happen to me. Now I did tell my boyfriend that its a possiblity, and he told me he still loved me and that he isnt going anywhere, but he has become totaly distance from me. He doesnt sleep next to me, yet he sleeps on the couch, he doesnt hug or kiss me, its like im something he is scared to even get near. I'm not sure how to help him... with whats going through his head.. or his feelings..

Could someone clue me in about these to stds? I really havent found much online about them, and everything seems wishy washy towards what its really about, and asking my doctor was like asking the wall. I got no where.

What are the chances my daughter caught either of these I had a normal birth?

Can I wash the households outfits/ towels together? or do I have seperate everything now?

Can my boyfriend be tested for these also? Someone posted that he can't. Why not?

If anyone can set me some ease please help? I've been washing my hands after everything single thing I touch, the tv the carpet, can it live on hard surfaces? or can I only trasmit it to another person by touching myself like after wiping and not washing my hands and touching another person??? because my hands are getting really raw, I'm so scared, I really need some insight, please someone.............

God be with me on tuesday, I pray that its either of these, and that I can stop with the every few hour wake ups through out the night in tears....

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 12:58 am 

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Unfortunately there aren't any commercially available tests for either. Pretty much unless you have active symptoms to be examined, there's no way to know if you have either. Both are viral infections and very common. the hormone changes from birthing a baby can trigger a recurrence of hpv and you could've picked up molluscum somewhere too ( it's not only sexually transmitted ).

Have you and your man sat down and talked about this? If not sit him down and say - dear you've been acting very distant lately and aren't your usual affectionate self and we really need to talk about this - and go from there. He needs to know that you've noticed his behavior and he needs to talk about it with you so you two can work thru this.

Laundry should be done with hot water and the dryer on high if this is mollscum. Washing your hands after using the bathroom is the only other precaution to take and chances are good that it's one you are already taking anyways.

hang in there - it's a lot to deal with with just having had baby recently :)


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 Post subject: hi
PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2008 8:23 pm 

Joined: Fri Oct 17, 2008 6:34 pm
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thxs 4 the reply.

my washer doesn't have a hot water option just warm warm that okay??
I pray so considering Ive been using it.

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