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PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2009 12:37 am 

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So this is a long story and I will try to shorten it up but basically I feel like I am a medical anomaly and need some clearing up that the doctors didn't do. Basically over the last two years I have only had sex with my current boyfriend and ex boyfriend and I tested negative for chlymidia before I had sex with both of them. Now this is where it gets tricky after I was tested I met my current boyfriend and then we broke up and I dated my ex boyfriend then I was sexually unactive for five months before my first boyfriend got back together and have been back together ever since. During that time I was diagnosed with chylmidia a month after my boyfriend and I got back together. I told both men and both were tested and the results were negative. I trust that neither of them lied to me and neither had a past history of being diagnosed with chylmidia so is there a way that men just pass on that infection like hpv but don't actually have it?? Then two months after my diagnosis I found out I had type 2 herpes and at the time my boyfriend and I thought I was the only one with it but my blood test was negative showing that I had recently been infected in the last three months and seeing that he was the only guy I slept with let alone was in anyway sexual with in the last seven months we figured out he was the one to give it to me and since then he has had breakouts that he has know recognized as breakouts unlike what he had previously thought (razor burn). By the way during our break he had unprotected sex with three women who are all of questionable health if you know what I mean. Is there any chance it was me who passed on the HSV2 virus instead of my boyfriend because my exboyfriend had a questionable "thing" on his penis that he attributed to a rash from his velcro on his bathing suit (he is a surfer and hadn't been in the water in awhile when it appeared) so my question is there any chance he gave it to me even though I had no symptoms and my symptoms were very severe that doctors said they were the type of first infection and the symptoms appeared seven months after I last had sex with him and my blood test was negative suggesting once again it was a very recent infection and my boyfriend had questionable razor burn the time I was diagnosed?? Then four months ago I had my first pap smear and it tested positive for mild dysplasia and I was told it wasn't the type that caused genital warts and to not worry it clears up on its own and come back in a year for a follow up. Only to find out two months ago when I went to the gyno for bacterial vaginosis, which I have had two or three times in the seven months my boyfriend and I have been back together along with four or five yeast infections, that my doctor saw one wart internally and then when I came back a week later to get it removed it was gone. So is there any chance it wasn't a wart and just irritation from the BV?? Also, my doctor told me that genital warts that I have go away in time and its not like HSV that stays in your system for life. Is that true will my warts eventually go away where I won't have to worry about them again?? What are the chances that someone will have all three of these STIs within a 8 month interval and all possibly from one guy?? Please help and sooo sorry this was so long but I need some clarifying doctors are intimidating and not so easy to talk to some time. Thanks!!!

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2009 1:32 am 

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welcome to the board :)

You tested negative on what I assume was an igg herpes blood test when you also had a + lesion culture for hsv2? Was that the testing you had done?

Has your bf been tested at all to know his own herpes status? did he get tested for anything other than chlamydia?

External genital warts are a different type of hpv from the types that typically are assoicated with dysplasia. That said, you can have more than 1 infecting you at the same time too. Continued follow up of the sort you've been getting is the best thing to do. any more obvious warts, just get them removed and get regular paps.

typically they automatically treat your partner when you are diagnosed with chlamydia regardless of test results. Did your current partner get treated?


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