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PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 6:03 pm 

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So, I think maybe I might be stressing myself out here and have convinced myself that I have contracted this virus...Over the last 3 1/2 weeks I've been to the doctor 3 times but none seemed to think I needed testing for herpes. I swear I feel all the symptoms I've read about, but really am starting to think maybe it's a little psychological on my part.

I know everyone's symptoms can vary, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever had some certain things occur?

What type of bumps, lesions, etc have people experienced that were definitely herpe sores?

Any females think they had a yeast infection, treated with OTC that relieved symptoms? Made symptoms worse?

Anyone with vaginal bleeding due to herpes? Abnormal discharge...what was it like?

One thing I'm struggling with is that the inside of my labia majora always has some bumps that have been there forever and I experienced some irritation that seemed to just be those same bumps kind of swelling. Has anyone had herpe sores in that area and how did they heal? Like, did they scab over or could they not because of wetness of the area?

Just wanted to see if anyone had some insight into any of these questions...


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PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 7:57 pm 

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I'm no expert but I am a

Sometimes yeast infections can create sores, especially if your itching the area with a lot of vigor.

Here's the thing. You just won't know if you've got it unless you have an outbreak and go to the doctor immediately (within48 hours) or you get a blood test which will tell you if you have it but won't tell you where you have it.

I'm with the belief that you have to demand a blood test if your doctor isn't offering you one for at least peace of mind. Some doctors are just stubborn about it and refuse to test unless you have an outbreak of somekind. Go to another if you need to quit freaking out about it. The not knowing can drive you nuts and make you turn every little thing into something it isn't. It is a reasonable fear though since it is well known that it can be asymptomatic. It just doesn't hurt to have the blood test. It's your health and you have the right to demand it.

BTW I was just told on Tuesday that I have herpes (don't which kind yet). My doctor in his infinite wisdom decided not to treat with drugs until he got back the blood test saying proof positive that I had it. I'm really pissed about that now. We're , the doc and me, gonna have a chat about my health. He may be an expert on health and herpes but he's not an expert on me! :evil:

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 11:54 pm 

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Have they tested you for yeast and bacterial infections?

Bumps that are always there aren't due to herpes. It sounds like what you are talkin about might be fordyce spots for the most part ( is a good website to learn more about them ).

You've been seen by 3 doctors and none of them seem to think that anything that's going on is due to herpes. that really is a good sign even though you read all the time how herpes is frequently overlooked/misdiagnosed.

discharge with herpes is usually clear.


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PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 3:24 pm 

Joined: Fri Aug 24, 2007 5:49 pm
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Hi ladies,

Thanks for your replies! And the info Betsy :)

I had some sexual contact with someone new 4 weeks ago and the next night I noticed 2 small red bumps in the crease of my thigh which prompted me to immediately worry and start searching the web. Another bump popped up in the pubic hair area a few days later although I did pluck a hair from that one and am pretty sure it was just an ingrown. So I went to the doctor and had her look, she said all were ingrowns too and that the 2 I first noticed were actually barely even there anymore. But also within the last few weeks I noticed some irritation on the inside of my outer labia (that's where those bumps come in...they are still there now, and I'm pretty sure they've been there always) so I looked and started getting worried about those being herpes! I went back to the doc, this one said those were normal too and she said the irritation could have been from me riding my bike to work and things rubbing together. I actually then tried on OTC Monistat 1-day treatment which seemed to completely clear up the irritation. But then I got a little bit of spotting which I've since read some people experience after using that stuff, but of course I am thinking it's herpes on the cervix. I also feel like in the midst of all this that I've had some clear discharge so that's another sign I'm worried about. The yeasty stuff had pretty much been cleared up by the last time I went in but she did test me for bacteria and said there was none. Also for chlamydia and gon(ok, can't spell that one) and those were negative.

This is all driving me so crazy and I am actually set to get a blood test this Wednesday. I'm just feeling so much like I may be making myself feel some symptoms and since the first day, every time I notice any type of little tiny red spot I am convinced it's something...

I feel like I've had all these symptoms but none that have lasted very long and by time I've been into the doctors, things have changed.

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