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 Post subject: Confusion over Sex
PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 10:54 pm 

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Man I'm glad this site is back up!

Since being diagnosed through a blood test for HSV I I've had a lot information to sort through and some of it is just confusing. Maybe someone can clarify a few things for me regarding sex and HSV I (just one of the many topics I'm grappling with now but an important one nonetheless).

Just to clarify my husband has not been tested yet for the virus. It's a matter of timing but it will happen or I'll march him down myself to get it done. Until that test is done no sex will be happening anytime soon. However, eventually the topic and the need will come up (after we get the results of his test). I'm confused. Here are somethings I've read conflicting things about and I honestly don't know what to believe. It can be paralyzing.

1. Once the genitals are infected is the whole area considered infected? I read the boxer shorts area is pretty much considered a shedding ground so use caution.

2. If the above is not true then is it only the site of the blisters where the infection is located?

3. A friend who has recently gone through the same thing (same diagnosis) was told by her doctor, after asking about using protection for sex from now on with her husband, that it's similar to chicken pox once it's in you blood it's there. Nobody can give it to you again. So, for oral or intercourse, she didn't have to use protection if he already has it. Is this true?

If my husband has HSV I (not knowing where since he's never had an outbreak) could we have sex without protection? Or is that wishful thinking. I've read both and it's really confusing. It doesn't seem to jive with the whole self inoculation that some people suffer from does it?

That's just the tip of my confusion iceberg. Hopefully someone can help clear this up for me.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2007 12:18 am 

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When you contract genital herpes - your entire nerve ganglia that supplies the boxer short area is infected. However - the skin on most of the boxer short area is too thick for the virus to asymptomatically shed thru. It will shed from the anogenital area ( the soft parts and the anal area ). It only sheds from say the upper thighs or the buttocks when you have actual lesions present.

if your hubby has hsv1 - just avoid sex whenever you have obvious genital symptoms. Otherwise he's very unlikely to contract it. He also won't get a "worse" hsv1 oral infection thru performing oral sex on you. He's already infected there.


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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 11:22 pm 

Joined: Wed Aug 22, 2007 8:01 pm
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Thank you Betsy

I just want to make sure I'm understanding this so let me just say, in advance, I'm sorry for asking the same questions in a different way. I know that's annoying. :roll:

So if my husband, through a blood test, is positive for HSV 1, then we can have unprotected sex unless there is a lesion? We wouldn't have to worry about him getting in the genitals (since we don't know if he does shed from there or not since there has been no OB for him)? Oral sex, though important, isn't my biggest concern. But could we assume he has it in his mouth? Does it matter where his shedding zone is (mouth/genitals)? Is it as simple that he has it anywhere so moving to a new sight is not a worry? I know I'm being paranoid about this but I have a deep seeded need to know that when we do resume sex that we're going about it right and not working on misconceptions on my part.

As far as having sex during an OB? Not in this life! :evil:

Sorry to be the wall you're pounding your head against. :lol:

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