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 Post subject: Lot of Questions
PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 9:55 pm 

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Well my story is a complicated one (at least I think so). On June 17 (the date is burned into my head) I had sex with a on again off again girlfriend. We had unprotected sex (we have had unprotected sex most of the time in the past). The very next day (literally) I experienced a stinging when I urinated. It was also not coming out straight when I urinated. I immediately made an appointment with the doc. He prescribed some urine pol tabs and within about 2 days I was fine. However the on again off again girlfriend went to a clinic and through a culture found out she had herpes. She had an outbreak the next day for about a week I would say. She receieved this diagnosis about a week after our sexual encounter.

When I heard this I went back for testing because at the time I didn't know this was too soon for testing. While my herpeselect test came back negative for both types my IgM was positive. The nurse told me I def had an initial infection. I later through research and other docs found that the IgM is very unrealiable and that I should get a type specific Herpeselect test in 3 months.

I go back this Tuesday for my second test. What I need to know is in your opinion how accurate is the IgM test?

I have not exprienced any symptoms besides the painful urination the next day (no lesions or any other painful urination). I have become increasingly paranoid. Its the first thing I think about every morning and I check for signs of anything very often. I have felt a little itchy but I don't know if its just my paranoia. How good a sign is it that I haven't seen any symptoms such as lesions? The itch that is usually described in the symptoms, how often does that appear? Is that all the time if you have herpes or when you have outbreaks (sorry if this is a dumb question I really don't know)?

Another two part question. The girl I was involved with and I have known each other for years and nothing like this ever happened. She has been with 1 other guy a year ago and they used protection. My question is why would it pop up now? Also if my test came back negative what else could have caused that painful urination? Is there anything else I should be on the look out for...perhaps bacterial or something? Sorry for all the questions. I just have no where to turn for answers. I can't seem to find a really herpes knowledgable doc in my area and all docs seem to be too rush to answer your questions.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 9:56 pm 

Joined: Sun Sep 16, 2007 9:33 pm
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I forgot to add she had cervicitis due to the herpes...I guess that falls into the question of what could have cause this and what else should I be on the look out for.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 12:09 am 

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The igm is falsely negative 1/3 of the time so you really can't rely on it at all when it's positive unfortunately. Repeating your igg at the 3 month mark is the best idea for the peace of mind you need.

Many things can cause painful urination from bacteria, fungus, overuse etc. I know it's hard waiting but you'll have at least what it's not in a few days. Feel free to post your igg results when you get them if you want help with them


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