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 Post subject: urinary retention?
PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 7:53 pm 

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Within these last couple weeks, I have had health issues. I'm sorry this may be so long. I'll start at the beginning.

I had sex on the 6th and was particularly sore afterwards. A couple of days later, I realized that the soreness hadn't gone fact, it had gotten worse. I had a hard time looking down there, but I thought maybe I saw a sore. l was red and very sore, and it hurt when I peed, sat down, laid down, etc. This happened for 5 days or so, then went away. I feared it was herpes, and made an appointment for the gyno. Unfortunately I could not get there in time for her to see my symptoms. A little later than a week after I had these symptoms, I experienced the worst headache I have ever had, along with aching in the back of my legs and back pain. The headache went away but I still experienced the other pain along with night sweats. That same day I realized it was taking me longer than usual to urinate. I went to the gyno 2 days later, and she tested my urine and there was bacteria. I was prescribed antibiotics, and she also referred me to a lab to get tested for herpes.

By that Saturday morning, I could not urinate at all. I went to the hospital and they had to put in a catheter. They did a urine and blood test, but could tell me little and referred me to a specialist. I was in pain from the catheter and had to take Vicodin. I wasn't able to get into the specialist's office until Wednesday. That same day I received the call from the gyno office...the tests revealed that I had been exposed to the herpes virus within the last 2 months. I was very upset and didn't tell the specialist this at first...I did not realize that the two could not be connected and I guess I was too upset and ashamed. The specialist did little for me...they took out the catheter and said my bladder should start working on my own again. I had to catheterize myself, which was painful and difficult for me. I was still unable to urinate on my own. I did make a call later in the week because there was blood (which I was told was "normal") and told the nurse I had found out my test results about the herpes and that they wanted me on Valtrex.

By Friday night, I was unable to urinate again WITH the catheter I was doing myself, so again I went into the hospital and they had to put in the catheter again. I went to a different hospital this time, and the doctor was nicer and said that the herpes could have contributed to this. I again had to go to the specialist, and the doc believes the herpes had probably contributed to it and caused me to be inflamed, and that my bladder should work again soon. It's been two weeks since I have urinated on my own.

This experience has left me terrified. I haven't even begun to really face my diagnosis of herpes when I am praying that I can urinate on my own again! Has anyone dealt with something like this? I feel so alone and uninformed.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 2:36 am 

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Sorry to hear that you've been having such a hard time with all of this :(

How were you diagnosed as having herpes? did you have a lesion culture and typing? do they know if it's hsv1 or hsv2? or are they going on a herpes igm blood test result only at this point?

What dose of valtrex do they have you on?

Yes indeed herpes can effect the nerves that control the bladder ( and the bowels ). It doesn't happen often but it does. It should get better within a few weeks. Until then continue to catheterize yourself several times a day ( though I think you have a catheter in again right? the kind that stays in 24/7 ). If you are getting a lot of pain again with the catheter being in all the time - it can be from bladder spasms - and yes they are painful! Try to let yourself relax ( pretend you are peeing - that relaxes the muscles in that area - the catheter will get the urine so you don't have to worry about peeing yourself ). They do have specific medications for that too so if the vicodan leaves you feeling too "spacey" or drugged - talk to your doctor about it.

has your partner been tested for herpes at all yet?


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 Post subject: Re:
PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 2:44 pm 

Joined: Fri Nov 02, 2007 7:43 pm
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I had to go to a lab and they took my blood. When they called me back they were talking about 2 types: I think the igm and some other letters. Basically they told me I was exposed within the last 2 months, and I would have to wait another 2 months to find out if it was 1 or 2.

For a week, I was taking Valtrex 2 times a day...I'm pretty sure it's 500 mg. Friday I started the once a day of the same amount.

I have the Foley catheter in right now. Next Thursday I will go back to the urologist and they will take it out yet again...and if I can't go, I'm sure they will try to make me catheterize myself again. I had such a difficult time with this that the 2nd time I went to ER was because I couldn't get any urine out. I was also taking Pyridium but now I'm out of it. Is there anything else I can do, take, eat, etc. to help speed this along? Should I be seeing the nurse practioner at the gynocologist's or a regular family practice doctor for the herpes? I am not having external symptoms right now. I recently got insurance for the first time a couple months ago and I have never been sick since I moved to PA 3 yrs ago. I have never even seen the doctor I chose as a PCP.

My partner went last week to get tested for stds, but he didn't specifically ask for the herpes test. He figured since no one called him back, his tests turned out ok. From what I've heard, you have to specifically ask for a herpes test or otherwise they don't test you. I told him to go back there to make sure they tested him for herpes and to find out his results. He told me he was last tested 4-5 months ago..but again doesn't know for sure if he was tested for herpes specifically.

Thanks for your help!

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