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PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 10:12 pm 

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hi, I have HPV (with visible warts im taking care of now) but I was just wandering through this forum and herpes has always been in the back of my mind for one reason. And I want opinions from people living with it.

I had sex with a girl like an idiot, a drunken idiot at that, and at some point HPV showed up.

I had sex with this girl a lot in a night, again, like a drunken idiot. And didn't notice anything, this was in the beginning of july 06. A couple months later I noticed a weird growth (probably HPV) on my shaft that disappeared after awhile. Didn't think anything of anything, but something was always in the back of my mind, because I figured I had bad luck that night for some reason.

Now after awhile (let's say mid-september 06...early October) I started having sex with a clean, wonderfully attractive girl and after the first night (maybe by a day..or even the next day) I noticed to small red bumps on near the base of my penis, slightly on the shaft AND base. They looked like ingrown hairs (i cant remember, but I may have done some trimming or pulled something out prior on accident or she mucked up during oral and irritated me there). So I kind of freaked out because I was thinking warts or herpes and she was saying not to worry about it and it was probably in grown hairs. They weren't huge or spread out, and did appear to be in the area where hair grew..not on my shaft really, if that makes sense at all. They were only there for a week or two and then scabbed over and went away (much like my other in grown hairs do) but something was always fishy.

Mainly because now I'm reading on herpes and it claims the first outbreak in a male is not too severe and they appear like what I saw. However it DOES say that you feel sick and it's within 2-12 days of infection. This was well after I contracted HPV. Could it have been HPV if it was anything at all? I forgot to mention it to my doctor so I am going to next time. But it's now April 07 and I haven't seen anything of the sort since. And the girl did say she was tested for herpes and aids (i can see not realizing or catching hpv right away). Obviously I'm going to take the plunge and get a test for everything under the sun (which will probably blow because I'm pretty sure it's a q tip in my pee hole for a specimen)...but I'm just wondering if anyone on here thinks that's what those could have been? really I've only had the small area of GW on the shaft since december...other than that nothing red, itchy, hurting, or burning. Or anything. But i'm still freaked out. thank you for all your time.


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PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 8:06 am 

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First of all - they no longer do the ole q tip in the urethra to test for std's in males ( let me here a woohoo ). They can do all the std testing you need done with a urine specimen and a blood specimen. If you go to a place where they still do the ole q tip - find another that is more up to date!

If whatever was on your genitals before is now gone - there's no way to know if it was hpv, molluscum or just what.

anything that is red and then scabs over needs further investigation. Get a type specific herpes igg blood test for herpes and if you need help with the results post them here. Your gf should also get tested to know her status.


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