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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 3:32 am 

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Hi there,
I posted on the MedHelp but thought I should try my luck here too.
Can someone please help me interpret my HSV-2 test result? My IgG value has remained negative in both tests 10 weeks apart, but my IgM has moved from a negative to Borderline!! Does this mean I might have HSV-2 or some other STDs?

Before I get to the result, please bear with me as I explained a little of the context for taking the tests.
A while ago in 20-Dec-2010, I was the recipient of unprotected oral sex , and then protected sex with the same casual partner. Then in 15-Jan-2010 (25 days later after exposure), I noticed a single red bump on my penis glans (head).I noticed it because I’m circumcised. It was just a single red bump (appx 2mm in diameter) and had no liquid pus or “watery” bubble like that of a water blister. It was hard to the touch though it didn’t hurt if I leave it alone, but will hurt if I applied pressure against it. The red bump disappeared 5 days later and I persuaded myself that it might just be some ordinary pimple. Ever since then, the red bump has not returned. Then, on 21 Jan 2011, I found 2 water blisters on my right inner thigh (the zone tucked between the groin and inner thigh). There were close to each other though not clustered. They broke in the same day and went away leaving no scars. However, I really freaked out this time and decided to get myself tested. Other than the anomalies I described, I do not experience any liquid discharge from my penis or cold sores.

So on that same day, which is about 31 days after exposure, I took the Anti-HSV2 and Anti-HIV test as recommended by the doctor. The results came back as:
[Anti-HSV2 IGG] “Negative” 0.59 (Negative 0.81.1)
[Anti-HSV2 IGM] “Negative” 0.17 (Negative 0.81.1)
[Anti-HIV] “Non-reactive” 0.37(Non-Reactive 1.1)
I should mention that I also had a fever and sore throat the following day after the test, but it went away 3 days later.

Naturally, I was really relieved with the test results but after much research on the internet, I decided to take another test in 3months just to be sure. So fast forward to today 1 Apr 2011, which is more than 100 days after the exposure of 20 Dec 2010, I took the same test again. The new results were:
[Anti-HSV2 IGG] “Negative” 0.22 (Negative 0.81.1)
[Anti-HSV2 IGM] “BORDERLINE” 0.88 (Negative 0.81.1)
[Anti-HIV] “Non-reactive” 0.23 (Non-Reactive 1.1)

Now, both my HSV-2 IgG and Anti-HIV values remained negative but my IGM value has risen from a "negative" 0.17 to a “Borderline” 0.88! My doctor wants me to retake the test again in a month time which I will. But in the meantime, can someone please tell me if this is something to be alarmed of. Does this mean I have contracted Herpes or other STDS ??? I have not had any sexual encounters since that one incident in 20 Dec 2010. I am assuming my repeated HIV non-reactive results clears me from HIV right??

Anyway, I am feeling very silly now for having been so reckless with the sexual encounter back in Dec 2010, and I am going to stay off such encounters forever from now on.

Before I end this post, I should mentioned I have been diagnosed by my skin doctor to be suffering from atopic dermatitis of which I had symptoms ever since I was a kid. Now, I have experienced a mild outbreak recently before the 2nd blood test. I know this is an outbreak of my atopic dermatitis because I have had recurring episodes of it all my life so I am familiar with the signs. Might atopic dermatitis have affected my risen IgM value or given rise of the anomalies I described?

Would appreciate any input, especially from the doctors. Severely stressed.

Severely Repentant

PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:53 pm 

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you already have me helping you on medhelp under my gracefromhhp nickname :) We'll continue to follow up there .


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