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 Post subject: What up my people!
PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2011 3:44 am 

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Hows it kickin everyone? I'm a 26 year old male who has recently been diagnosed with genital warts (a month ago.) Devastated me to say the least. I'm over it now. I had been developing what started off looking like a skingtag, which I have some on my neck (which is weird because I am in fairly good shape and definitely not obese but my mom has quite a few.) anyways i freaked! Mainly because I tried very very very hard to be very very careful with my partners and safe sex. Ive only had a handful of partners. I began digging in online to see what was going on downtown. Found a crapload of pictures that made it look like a skintag and a genital wart. It had a lot of characteristics as a skingtag, especially being located in the fold of where my shaft connects with my jewels. It didn't look like any wart I have had before. I read that if you applied 5% vinegar on the lesion that if it was a genital wart it would appear white. Well I did this multiple times!! Not once did it turn white.. I also read that it had a high false positive rate. So thinking it was a skintag I schedule an appointment with a random dermatologist to get it removed because I thought my girlfriend would be disgusted with it. I get there and I have him check out some moles before we get started and a rash that develops during winter (thanks dads gene pool!) Well I'm nervous as heck cause there are two young (I'm not even sure if they were nurses) sitting their watching writing stuff down, but I wanted it gone so I asked him to look anyways. As soon as I pull the corner of my shorts down, "Genital warts." I lost my breath for a second. I then began to ramble not even sure if I made sense or what I asked exactly. I do know I made him take a biopsy, he asked why and then he looked at me like "Why are you questioning my diagnosis." He wrote a prescription for some ointment after taking the biopsy, then said to come back and left. Didn't give me any information, care tips, nothing.. The only "Tip" he has was telling my girlfriend when I got the results back (Sorry but I think that's terrible advice) I was ready to explode when I got to my car. I cried, yelled, punched the steering wheel, sat their and called my mom. Haha I know I seem like such a baby but man I didn't know what to do. I had just got in an extremely great relationship and had been for 10 months. I thought I was gonna lose her, what if I gave them to her, what if she gave them to me? I have never cheated in my life, and I know she has never cheated on me. My last relationship was a joke, and I was lied to and cheated on multiple times so it could of been her or I had made the mistake of having a random (with condom) while being drunk at a party. My other relationship were pretty trustworthy, but I still can't rule them out I guess. Anyway I get home and my girlfriends sleeping on the couch, and I break the news there. She freaks, but she wants to stay together (amazing news for me.) She got tested, and tested negative. She has had the Gardasil shots. Which apparently their offering to boys now (i wish they did when i was a kid.) Early the week after being diagnosed I receive the call confirming the diagnosis. I have since had mine frozen off (two different nurse girls laughing in the room and same .. embarrassing.) I had found two small bumps not even close to the original and asked dermatologist and he just kinda shrugged his shoulders said "Yea" and sprayed the spots. Just now healing from it so hard to say how it's going. I decided never to go to that dermatologist again. It's over and done with now. Luckily I had quit smoking and drinking back in april. So that was an easy adjustment. I'm beginning to workout regularly, pop vitamins, and eat better foods. All in all I hope to make a good recovery and I wish all the best of luck with it as well. Don't let something like this get ya down, there's so many more positive things out there in life.

Freddo just reading some of your posts has lifted me up, your doing great things here man! I hope to report back with good news :)

 Post subject: Re: What up my people!
PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 11:52 am 
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Thanks for posting and letting us hear your story. Don't worry that you felt bad when you got your diagnosis, that's almost always the case...probably always is the case. It usually comes at you out of nowhere, you're just not thinking about it or expecting it.

It's frustrating because there's no specific test for warts, and diagnosis seldom involves anything other than just them taking a look. Anyway, it sounds like you've got a good handle on things. Post anytime and let us know if you or your g/f have any questions.


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