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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 12:39 am 

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OK, this is getting ridiculous. The latest research reveals that 50% of men carry some strain of HPV at any given time. Women are now encouraged to receive the VERY accurate HPV DNA test when they visit their OB/GYN. ANY woman can receive it. Also, men who take part in clinical trials which focus on HPV are obviously tested in the same way....

Yet, NO lab anywhere is set up to give men the HPV DNA test as a standard STI screening. Given that HPV is the most common STI out there, it is most often asymptomatic and it potentially causes cancer, THIS TEST SHOULD BE STANDARD FOR MEN AT STD CLINICS EVERYWHERE. WHY IS IT NOT???

Can someone please explain to me what I'm obviously missing here?


PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 12:13 pm 
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This question comes up a lot, from both guys and gals. I'm glad you asked it, jreyn, as it's good for us to cover because others are no doubt wondering, too.

Ok, for some background there are now several HPV DNA tests available in the U.S. to detect the virus in women as part of cervical cancer screening. One big thing to note is that even with women, use of these tests is very limited to two specific situations:

1) As follow-up for women with borderline Pap test results. In other words, some abnormal cells were found, but it isn't clear what the heck might be going on. If women with these Pap test results then turn out to be negative for HPV, they'll probably just repeat the Pap down the road. If she is positive for HPV, though, they'll likely be a bit more cautious in how they handle her and will send her for additional diagnostics (even though the risk of her having anything dangerous is still really low)

2) As routine screening, along with a Pap, for women age 30 and over. Now, they do this because HPV in a woman over 30 is more likely to be a lingering infection that, while probably still not dangerous, is still something they want to keep an eye on.

So....all that's to say that HPV testing can help health care providers figure out which women need a little extra TLC and some additional tests, even though the vast majority of them will still be just fine.

They do NOT use HPV tests for women as a general means of checking their infection's only used as part of screening for cervical cancer, period. A very specific, limited use for women.

Why isn't the test approved for men? Primarily because men don't have an equivalent disease to cervical cancer for which HPV testing would be helpful. Men do get HPV-associated conditions, sure, but penile cancers are even more rare than cervical diseases, and knowing a man's HPV status is of little value to health care providers in determining next steps in his care. With women, knowing her status is important and helpful. And that's the key....can the test really have an impact that HELPS us figure out the best follow-up care for someone? With women, the answer is a clear "yes." With men, it's much more murky.

Does that help? Hope so!


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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 1:50 pm 

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Thanks Fredo, as always - the info you provided certainly helps, but there's still a basic problem here:

SO WHAT if men don't have an equivalent to cervical cancer? Isn't it still important to know your STD status, PERIOD? I couldn't care less if determining my HPV status helps my doctor or not - I want to know for myself and my partner!! Why do we get tested for Herpes? You can't cure it, but don't you want to know if you at least have it?

If it's possible at all to test men and women for traces of HPV in their system, the test should be approved by the FDA to be offered along with other standard STD tests - that's all there is to it. It helps everyone be a more responsible partner to know as much as you can about what you might be carrying, case closed.

Plus, any lab that would start offering an HPV test for men would make a fortune, so cost-effecctiveness isn't an issue.

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